Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a wonderful little Mother's Day Celebration on Friday. Moms were greeted by their adorable student and escorted to their seat. Students got to show off all of the sweet little personal "goodies" they made for them. Students helped serve their moms muffins and lemonade. Once all of the adults were served, students served themselves too! We all watched a video of each student sharing why they love their mom so much! Last, we showed baby pictures of the students and tried to guess who it was. Then we had the student go up to the front so we could compare their baby picture with them now as a Kindergartener. It was a great celebration! To every mom...I really am truly grateful that you allow me the opportunity to be a "mom away from home" for your child at school each day. Those who have the opportunity to be a mom or to be seen as a "mom" are truly blessed!!!