Sunday, February 23, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Day for Upward Basketball

It's always such a nice treat to be able to see your students outside of school, especially when they are participating in extracurricular activities! The Upward basketball league gave students invitations for their teachers to come and watch them play basketball this past Saturday. Lucky for me, four of my students are on one team that played at 9 am and two other students played on another team at 10 am. It was so much fun to see their little faces when they ran up and down the court -they were priceless! Thanks to a great league for including and honoring teachers and also to my incredible students and parents for inviting me!

Learning about tools

Students had the opportunity to hear from a guest speaker, Mr. Owens (former parent). He came and showed the students all kinds of tools and explained what each one was and what their purpose was. He let the kids hold and touch the different tools (not the sharp ones). He's going to make two bird houses with his sons and being them back to our class for our themes to paint and decorate to hang outside for the birds. The students loved this experience!

Fund Run

The students have been so excited each day to see the Fund Run representatives come and visit our classroom and hand out prizes! Thanks for helping support our school Fund Run fundraiser!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

3-D Shapes

Who knew marshmallows and toothpicks could be so much fun? Students worked together to build 3-D shapes. 

Fund Runner Kickoff

We had our kickoff celebration for our biggest school fundraiser-Fund Run! Students were pumped up about the prizes and learning how to get pledges. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Celebrating President's Day!

Students looked adorable in their "Abraham Lincoln" hats and beards!

More Valentine Fun!

Valentine's Celebration!

We had a great time celebrating Valentine's Day last week! The students began their day by delivering their Valentine cards. This is quite a task for 36 Kindergarteners! They had a blast and also had opportunities to help others. The kids made bookmarks, heart keepsakes, played Valentine bingo, made button-filled hearts, and made a butterfly with yummy candies. The kids had a great time hanging out with their friends, teachers, and also some wonderful mommy helpers! The kids also made Valentine cards earlier in the week to give to people/helpers at school. They made cards for the principal, copy lady, resource teachers, extended day teachers, and also Ms. Julie. It was a day of very full buckets!!!!