Monday, May 28, 2012

Science Buddy Breakfast! We have truly enjoyed the relationship that has developed between our Kindergarteners and our Fifth Grade science buddies this year! To end the year on a fun, positive note, we shared a pancake breakfast! The kids all enjoyed their pancakes and syrup. They also talked about their favorite memory and/or favorite activity that they shared with their buddy. We ended our breakfast with some goodbye hugs and wished our fifth grade buddies well wishes for middle school! Science Buddies and Pancakes! on PhotoPeach

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Mother's Day Celebration was a very memorable one for all who attended. Students welcomed their moms to the classroom by escorting them to their seat. They presented their mom with a one-of-a-kind button bracelet that they made earlier in the week. They pinned their hand-made flower pin on their mom. Each student filled out a book, answering questions about their mom (how old their mom is, how tall she is, how much she weighs, etc.). I asked each child earlier in the week to tell me about their favorite meal that their mom makes and what the "famous" recipe was. I compiled this information into a class recipe book. It was hilarious to see the moms' reactions to their "famous psghetti" and "famous chicken nugget" recipe in print. Students each read one adjective that can describe moms because they play so many different important roles in their child's life! They each read their book and a handprint poem to their mom. Students served their moms breakfast and then served themselves. A special thanks to Mr. Wilson who monitored the pink lemonade pitcher! Each student wrote their top five reasons why they love their mom and stood in front of the class and read it to them. Lastly, we pampered our moms by turning the lights down, putting classical music on, and giving our moms back rubs. Each mom was given two cucumber slices to put on her eyes as she enjoyed her shoulder rub and her hand massage. This experience was a stretch from the true "SPA," but moms seemed to enjoy it just the same. We hope that our moms enjoyed this time with their sweet child. We really enjoyed being able to celebrate our MOMS and the wonderful and selfless job that they do each and every day! Mother's Day on PhotoPeach A Little Spa Time! on PhotoPeach Mommies and their precious babies! on PhotoPeach
Last week I was showered with love, appreciation, chocolates, cards, sweet notes, a class plant in a pot with little fingerprint critters, and an amazing (and tearful)video! My little authors and illustrators wrote and illustrated a real bound book for me (with the help of some very creative and a bit sneaky parents!) I cried, laughed, smiled, and beamed with pride when I read the sweet words that each student wrote about why they loved me as their teacher. It is amazing to know just how deeply five and six year olds think and love! I walked to my classroom door Monday morning and saw each of my students' little faces on a "growing" flower. The classroom inside was decorated with beautiful butterflies representing each precious child in my room. It was a moment that I will not ever forget! I am so grateful for such wonderful students and amazingly thoughtful and loving parents. Thank you for truly making me feel like the queen of Kindergarten! Teacher Appreciation Week! on PhotoPeach
Our class went to the visit the School Garden to see how much the vegetables have grown! Students were so excited to see how many vegetables were ready to be picked! We picked broccoli, snap peas, and green beans. We brought them into the classroom, watched them, and then ate them! YUM! YUM! A Visit to the Garden on PhotoPeach