Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Students were asked to fill out an inquiry sheet that reflected on something they are good at, something they need help with, and something they want to learn about in first grade. Then students rated how well they liked reading and math. It was really interesting to see how well students knew themselves.

Science Buddies

We were so excited to be paired up with Mrs. Szerba's fifth graders as our science buddies this year! The fifth graders took turns introducing themselves to our students and then the first graders got a chance to introduce themselves. They each shared something special about themselves or one or two things that they liked. Then our students walked around and had to ask several questions to the fifth graders, such as "Did you go camping this summer? Have you ever been to another country? Did you see the movie, Brave?" This was a great mingling activity for the students to interact and get to know one another a little bit. After that, Mrs. Szerba allowed the students to touch and hold an egg that the class chickens had laid that morning. We will get to see and learn a lot more about their chickens as the year continues.

Free Choice Centers

Every student seems to always anticipate a little "Free Choice" time. At the end of the day, students were allowed to go to these fun centers. You will see students playing with the cash register and pretending to play store, writing/drawing on the white boards, painting, playing with blocks and math manipulatives, writing letters to classmates and mailing them in our class mailbox, and next time a few more centers. We are looking to include a few fun games that allow kids to practice turn taking such as UNO, Trouble, Zingo, and Chutes and Ladders. If you have any of these games and would like to donate them to our class, we would love to include them into our free choice options soon! Thanks!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Students reviewed Dining Room expectations and made a little paper lunchbox of rules.
Classroom Rules
Below are some other pictures from this week!
Students reading in the hallway in the morning.
Independent Reading
Reader's Workshop
Special Reading Spots
Skills Centers-Magna Doodles
Skills Centers-White Boards and Magnet Letters
"Getting to know you" activity in which students went around the room asking different classmates to find a friend who: rode the bus to school, has the same favorite color as you, or has a different eye color than you. Students recorded each other's names on their sheet. It was a fun, interactive way to learn more about each other!

What's Cooking?

The first week of school, we decided to make something sweet! Students all had a hand in making cupcake brownies. From the beginning step of opening and pouring the brownie mix, to cracking the eggs, to finally eating the delicious treat! Cupcake Brownies! on PhotoPeach

Monday, August 20, 2012

The first day of First Grade was a "Sweet Success!" Students explored the classroom and waited to see where their seats were going to be this year. I called out each student's name and revealed their table. They were SO excited to see what their table name was. They got started on drawing and writing about one thing they did this summer. We went to the Dining Room at 9:30 for an assembly. The presenter was a chef whose specialty was cooking with bugs. FOR REAL!!! Select students and teachers were asked to help cook the bugs and even taste them. Lucky me, I was forced ( I mean invited-Ha!) to eat a cricket's leg. Let's just say, the only way that happened is that I did it for the kids. The kids had a great time oohing and aahing! This also made them and me appreciate our lunches a little more. It was a fun way to start our first day! First Grade was a "Sweet Success!" on PhotoPeach
Our day was flew by so fast! We spent some time practicing dining room routines and going over playground rules. We practiced walking in the hallway. Believe it or not, after that it was already time for lunch. Students enjoyed their lunch and spending time chatting with friends. Now time for recess!! Students were so excited to run around and try out the school monkey bars. They did a great job following all of the rules too! After that, we joined Mrs. Chant's class for a short technology lesson and some fun time exploring with her IPad. We went back to our classroom for a short Calendar Math lesson and then a fun movement activity. The students buzzed around the classroom, walked a tightrope, and hopped on one foot while I played music and then froze as I paused the music. They worked on an all about me paper, which I will hang outside on their hallway clips. We read the book, The Night Before First Grade. The students enjoyed seeing all of the things that the kids in the story did on their first day of First Grade. Before we knew it..it was already time to pack up and go! We had a great first day and are looking forward to the next 179 days ahead! YEAH! Our First Day of First Grade on PhotoPeach
Our orientation was wonderful! It is a wonderful sight to see at least one parent or more for every student! That's amazing! I am very excited about this upcoming year! I cannot wait for all of the fun learning adventures we are going to have!
Our "Candy Shop" Classroom is open! Here are a few pictures of our classroom all set up and ready for the First Graders to come! I cannot wait to begin the learning and fun! Thanks to Jett's family for making our awesome sign that hangs above our classroom door. Thanks to Caylee's family also for making the incredible awning that hangs above our bulletin board. Each table has a sign hanging above each table: The Skittles table, the Whoppers table, the Snickers table, and the Twizzlers table. Our Candy Shop Classroom is open! on PhotoPeach
Look at these "sweet" First Graders!