Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Season for Giving

It is so important to teach kids about helping others. Our class has participated in a few different service projects so far this year. We collected sweaters for the Mr. Rogers Sweater Drive, we collected a lot of personal care items and cookies to provide to The Homeless at The City Rescue Mission, and we are currently making cards and a holiday banner to deliver to individuals at a nursing home. I think that our students are definitely seeing that although they may be small, they can help change something for the better! Thank you for helping us teach and model these important life lessons!

Thanksgiving Breakfast

We were so glad to have so many parents, step-parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents at our Thanksgiving Breakfast. We hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break! We are so thankful for having the opportunity to be your child's teacher. We just love those little cuties! We had the opportunity to learn about life on a submarine from Mr. Danny who answered all sorts of questions from the kids.

Keeping up with Math

Our Standard Based Bulletin Board this month features our daily work in Calendar Math. We keep a tally of how many days we have been in school. We use this number in many different ways: we count how many groups of tens and how many ones, we talk about the number that comes before and after, we draw this number with tally marks, show this number using different coins, and show this number on the clock in reference to how many hours and minutes. We also have daily story problems in which students have to show their strategies and solve some problems in more than one way or use more than one strategy. Calendar Math teaches and reinforces so many math skills!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spelling City!

Test out SpellingCity.com to practice your weekly sight words during Skills Centers and for extra practice at home! There are lots of fun activities that are sure to get your brains excited. Look under our 'Websites to Visit' and SpellingCity is at the top of the list.

Once you get to the site, scroll down to 'Spelling and Vocabulary Lists' and click on Weekly Words. We will be sure to add the words each week so you can be super readers and writers! :)

quick link: SpellingCity