Tuesday, February 4, 2014

100th Day Fun!!

We had such a fun day celebrating 100 days of Kindergarten! Students made something or wore something that had 100 things on it. Our students wore hats with 100 stickers, brought in 100 pennies, 100 pipe cleaners on a chain, and so much more! They were very creative. For me, the 100th day is always an amazing reminder of all of the previous Kindergarten classes that I have had and the good times that we had celebrating the 100th day. So it is my tradition to wear my 100th day shirt with all of the students' names that I have taught from my first year to this current year- I already had to extend names onto the back. And the 100 hair bows is another tradition that the students really seem to love! Students began their day by sharing their 100th day collections/items. Then they practiced counting by 1's, 5's, and 10's to the number 100.The students rotated through different centers that all had to do with the number 100. We were so fortunate to have a handful of moms to assist the students at the centers. Students painted, glued, drew, and wrote all kinds of things centering around the number 100. Students thought about something they would want 100 of and then something that they would not want 100 of. After centers, we read a book about how times were different 100 years ago. Students were shocked to learn that microwaves, jets, and televisions didn't always exist! During recess time, students made predictions about how far 100 steps would take them. It was a very busy, but very fun day!!

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