Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jack and Jill

We have been studying Nursery Rhymes as part of our daily Skills Block. We use these nursery rhymes to learn about letters, sounds, rhyming words, and vocabulary. Students have the opportunity to sing, read, and act out each nursery rhyme. They also get a copy of each to put in their special "Nursery Rhyme" book to practice reading during Reader's Workshop. Because these nursery rhymes are already familiar to most kids and fairly short, they are great for students to begin pointing to the words. As you will see below, students are having a great time acting these rhymes out. And if it wasn't their turn today, they know that they will get a turn as we continue to study each rhyme. Check out the great acting and singing below...I don't think we have one shy student in the group! (press play and give the video one minute to begin)

Jack and Jill from dayle timmons on Vimeo.


  1. Love the blog-it's so cute! So proud of the videos on there already! :) The kids are adorable!
    Love, Meredy

  2. I love the Nursery Rhyme Jack and Jill. I can still remember the day I asked my Mama about the crown because her was never wearing one in the picture. :)