Monday, October 26, 2009

Our first field trip!

Our first field trip to Diamond D Ranch was great! In my ten years of teaching, I have never been to the Diamond D Ranch. I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids did! We were so fortunate to have wonderful parents help chaperone this trip! Students got to ride horses, learn about different animals, ride a little ferris wheel, jump in a bounce house, go on a hay ride, feed baby goats, feed catfish, have a picnic lunch, go on a nature trail, and even more! We have an excellent time! In trying to decide how to post the many, many pictures we received from parents as well as my camera, Mrs. Timmons, and Mrs. Cordoza, I am working on setting up a photo site in which any parent can log in with a username and password and then view and order any pictures they want. (Unfortunately putting a ton of pictures on a slideshow takes a long time and you aren't able to print the pictures out if you want). If you have any other suggestions for fielding this "great problem to have" :) please let me know! Take a look at their faces and you'll see how much they enjoyed this wonderful and educational field trip! Thanks again to our chaperones: Abby's mom, Mariah's mom, Charlotte's dad, Emma's dad, and Parker's mom!

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