Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pow Wow Preparations

Along with learning about the Nootkas, students had several different homework assignments that supported their learning. They had to create a family totem pole using a coffee or oatmeal can. They decorated them with pictures and symbols of things that were important to them and their family. They also research the Nootka tribe and decorated a "person cut out" to represent a Native American Nootka and how they looked and dressed. Another activity was to come up with a Native American name for themselves. We used these names to decorate on their costumes, and the kids had a good time learning everyone's Native American name that they chose. In the slideshow you will see some of the artifacts that students made: beaded bracelets, woven baskets, hunting spears, cedar bark robes, bearskin cloths, decorated headbands, and animal skin medicine bags. Tonight we had a Make & Take night in which families were invited to come to our class at night and make a "plankhouse." Students brought in empty cartons and glued dyed craft sticks onto them to look like their own miniature version of a plankhouse. Thanks to all of our parents who were able to attend! I hope you also enjoyed visiting each of the other tribes through the hallways and listening to the fifth graders present their information on each tribe! This was something new this year to tie the learning that fifth graders were doing into this same night! Three more days until Pow Wow! We can't wait!

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