Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eric Carle Celebration Day!

We had a great culminating celebration of our beloved author, Eric Carle! Students were invited to dress as their favorite Eric Carle character. We rotated through different fun centers. We started our day by playing Eric Carle bingo, with all of his book titles and enjoyed pancakes too! Then we played a game on the "smart board" about different animals. At our third center, we read the book Mr. Seahorse, by Eric Carle and learned a lot about different daddy animals that help take care of their eggs and babies. Students used colored tissue paper strips to make their seahorse art. Lastly, students went outside to play a Very Hungry Caterpillar relay game. They had a BLAST!! Each student raced another student in the first relay game and then we played again with partners. We enjoyed green cupcakes (Thank you Mariah's mom) in the shape of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. After lunch, we finished up some other crafts, including making Eric Carle bookmarks, little hermit crabs from pasta shells, caterpillar necklaces, and click beetles that really click! Did your child come home and take a nap that day? It was a VERY BUSY day!!

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