Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kevin Henkes Celebration Day :)

To end our Kevin Henkes author study, our culminating event was one that our friends are sure to remember! Each First Grade class participated in 'Kevin Henkes Celebration Day.' We went to different centers throughout the first half of the school day. Our class decided to end our day with an awesome cheesy pizza party and some cheesy snacks!

Friends were asked to dressed up as their favorite character from one of his well known mouse books.

The girls made purple plastic purses (out of construction paper) and movie star sunglasses so they could be queen of the world, just like Lilly--while the boys made wallets and ties to look all fancy like Mr. Slinger.

We played Kevin Henkes Bingo and reflected on all the facts we've learned about the mouse books, their characters, and Kevin Henkes himself. Friends were totally pumped!!

We played different board games and watched a movie while enjoying some cheesy snacks in honor of our beloved mouse characters....and a great day it was :)

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