Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pumpkin Unit

We have been studying pumpkins for several weeks now. We have read many books about pumpkins, compared pumpkins, and made lots of different predictions about pumpkins. We predicted how many seeds were in our pumpkin, touched the inside, and even got to taste roasted pumpkin seeds and many other "pumpkin" foods at our Class Fall Celebration Pumpkin Tasting Center. We used different sized pumpkins that were sent in by several parents for most of these observations, comparisons, and experiments. We also used our Literary "Humpty Dumpty" Pumpkin for some experiments too. Students estimated and then measured how many "pumpkins tall" they were. Students used a lot of their science skills for this unit and discovered some interesting things about pumpkins and DENSITY when we conducted our sink and float experiments with pumpkins.

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