Saturday, January 7, 2012

Holiday Homework

To change things up for homework the last week of December, I created a different kind of homework sheet. Students were able to choose two or more activities from the list which included: 1)Make a wish card (cut out pictures from a magazine that you wish you could give to someone else for the holidays, glue them onto a card and write the person's name on the top)2)Do 3 Acts of Kindness (do three things for someone else. It can be anything from holding the door for someone else, to singing a song for someone, to giving a canned food to someone in need, etc.) 3) Holiday Search (look around your house and search for holiday decorations, count how many you can find) 4)Following Directions (make a baked good or craft, make sure that you follow each step or direction) 5) Favorite Toy Writing (if you could keep only ONE toy, which ONE would you keep and why)
I loved this homework assignment because it allowed kids to have fun and think of others! Several students made wish cards for kids in our class! Some of the acts of kindness that students did included: being a secret Santa for another family, reading a book to my brother, sharing candy with others, donating toys, opening the door for others, helping rock my baby brother to sleep, helping my teacher pass out papers, giving some of my money to someone in need, making my brother a snack, and taking a package to a neighbor. These sweet students have BIG, BIG hearts!

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