Sunday, February 5, 2012

More than names on a shirt!

I didn't think that the 100th Day of Kindergarten would really get me choked up, but I found myself realizing how precious time is and how quickly it goes by. A few years ago, I made a T-shirt with all of the names of the students that I had taught. This year before the 100th day I added the names of my current students. When I looked back at all of those names, so many memories and stories came to my mind. It's crazy for me to think that the first group of Kindergarteners that I ever taught are in high school right now, but then again it is reality because one of them is our babysitter. I feel very blessed because I truly love my job and I know that I get to impact so many of these precious children in a positive way! I also LOVE how these students and their families have impacted me and helped me to be a better teacher, parent, and person!


  1. All those students are so blessed to have had you for a teacher, you are fantastic! Hoping you can follow Jaxson all the way up through 5th! :)