Sunday, November 11, 2012

Amazing Awards!

Each Nine Weeks, we celebrate the efforts of all of our students by holding an awards ceremony. The school prints out awards for Perfect Attendance, E Honor Roll, and Soaring Eagles. Students who receive excellent behavior receive a red, white, and blue ribbon! I print out an additional award for each student and their own academic achievements, whether they are exceeding the standard, working above the standard, working at the standard, or working towards the standard. Because our class has read and practiced "Filling Buckets" from (Have you filled a bucket today?), I decided to present our two top "bucket-fillers." I love Award Ceremony time! I was the most excited I have ever been about handing out awards this time because of a special project that Jett's mom helped me with. My class has been "obsessed" (in a great way) about math clubs and learning clubs. A HUGE thanks to Mrs. Turner for designing, printing, and cutting out over 300 pins. The students felt so special to have these one-of-a-kind pins that uniquely represented each learning club that they are in. They also motivated students to try to get into new clubs for the next nine weeks. I have already heard students say, "I'm going to practice counting by 2's so I can get that pin next time." I am so excited that they are so eager to be active participants in their own learning and so encouraging to the other students in our class for their achievements as well! Amazing Awards! on PhotoPeach

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