Monday, February 4, 2013

Class Store

Last Friday was the first day of our "Class Store." Students have the opportunity to earn money (cards with different coins on them)for doing their weekly homework. They can also earn extra money for doing special jobs! At the end of each month students have to count their money and get to go shopping at our "Class Store," which has items that parents have donated or little toys, trinkets, and candy. Students had to decide how much money they had, whether they could afford the item they wanted to purchase, and how much money they would get back, (if any). Some students purchased one thing and put the rest of the money back in their bank account to add to next month's money. Others kept shopping and shopping until there was no more money left. This is such a fun way for students to see the a real-life application of using money. Don't cards were not accepted-CASH ONLY!

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  1. My students and I read your post and love this idea! We are very lucky for having you be our "sister" classroom.