Monday, May 6, 2013

Have you filled a bucket today?

I read a new book at the beginning of the year that a friend recommended called, " Have you filled a bucket today?" By Carol Mccloud. This kids book is amazing and will always be included in my favorite books to begin the school year with! It teaches kids that everyone has an invisible bucket and everything that you do either fills someone's bucket or dips into their bucket. My class is very well-versed at giving compliments and making someone's day. They are also very good at recognizing when someone dips into their bucket or a classmate's bucket and standing up for what is right. Can you see why I LOVE this book-it teaches kids so many important life lessons to live by! With all of that being said, I am the recipient of a full bucket everyday because I have a job I love, an incredible family, and amazing people that I am surrounded by! Today, however, my bucket was overflowing. When I reached my classroom door I was smiling from ear to ear. Parents and students got together to decorate my class door and students each write a note saying how I have filled their bucket! Then as I entered the room, each student had a plastic bucket above their seat with their name on it! There was an awesome sign above the back table with an amazing quote about me as a teacher and lots of gifts! Thank you to everyone who helped make this day so incredible! You have truly filled my bucket and then some! XOXO. Pass the message on: Be a bucket filler each and every day!

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