Saturday, August 31, 2013


Last week, our "resource classes" started up. The resource classes that we have at our school are Art1, Art2, Music1, Music2, and P.E. Our class went to Music and P.E. last week. They had a great time with Mrs. Bell, one of our new music teachers. They listened to a song, rhythm book and also got to hold little stuffed animals called "Beat Buddies." At the end of the day when we were sharing for our class meeting, lots of friends said that Music was their favorite part of the day. Students also went to P.E. with Coach Bailey, Coach Robinson, and Coach Jones. It was evident that they kept them busy and using their muscles because their little faces were beat red and they were super sweaty! Here's a look at the kids in Music. I didn't brave the heat again to try to capture a picture of them at P.E.

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  1. "A"said Coach B made them run to many laps and it was hot..LOL...Thanks for sharing all of the seeing how the days are going!!!