Sunday, September 29, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Students have been so busy learning their letters, sounds, and numbers. Here are a few pictures of some activities from the past two weeks that students have been practicing and doing. Students practiced sorting shapes (pattern blocks) by different attributes. They also used these pattern blocks to make different "shape animals." When they completed their "shape animal," they had to try to name the shapes they used and describe them with their attributes. We also played a game in which we called out an attribute, such as "a shape with four sides" and students had to find a shape that fit that description and hold it up. They loved these hands-on activities!
Students also practiced writing their numbers during Math Choice Time.
Students really enjoyed sharing their homework bags that they filled with objects that represented the first sound in their name.
Students worked on identifying the main character in the books that they were "reading."
Lastly, students worked on retelling story elements for Goldilocks and the Three Bears by cutting and gluing the bowls, chairs, and beds in order.

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