Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Make and Take Night-Family Fun!

Thanks to all of the parents and students who attended our "Make and Take" night. Students had a great time making their Inuit dwellings-igloos! They also enjoyed drawing Native American symbols and pictures on our big blue chart paper that will serve as our table covering for our Pow Wow lunch on Friday! I really thought that playing the Pow Wow music would provide some great background music and set the mood for the night. I loved that some of the students decided to get up in front of the class and began showing off their dance movements and singing. They only gave a sneak peek though, you will get to see the whole production, costumes and all, on Friday for our Pow Wow! The fifth grade students also did a fantastic job presenting on the Native American tribes that they studied. Thanks again for making this a fun family event that the kids will remember!

Students received a stamp from listening to each fifth grade group that presented on their Native American tribe! What an amazing learning opportunity for Kindergarteners, fifth graders, and parents too!

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