Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Taking a Look at Maps!

Today we began studying maps in Social Studies! We learned that this is a map of the United States of America, the country we live in. Students stated the different things that they noticed about this map: the states are different colors so we can tell them apart, the blue represents water (and there is a lot of it!), the ocean bordering Florida is the Atlantic Ocean, there is a key which gives us clues about how to read the map, and there is a compass and directions-North, South, East, and West. One of our friends helped us to find Jacksonville, Fl on this map!
When we took a look at a map of the world, students quickly named places that looked familiar to them: China, Africa, and the United States were among the places that were named with excitement. Our friend Caleb even brought in a globe to share with us today and we took a look at the difference between a globe and a map! We learned that the Earth is actually a sphere just like a globe, and that it is NOT flat like a map. Globes and maps sure look different, but both are used to help us locate places in our world.

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  1. As soon as Jacob arrived at grandma's house after school, he pulled her globe out and started looking for states he was familiar with. He was so excited about what he had learned in class. Thank you Ms Donofrio and Mrs Alvarado for making learning so much fun!