Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Report Writing

Our friends could've fooled us the past few days--they are writing like second graders! We've been exploring nonfiction books and now it was time to understand how to gather facts from nonfiction books so they could write their very own 'All About' reports. We've had some really deep discussions this week and one of the most important things we learned is that it is never okay to copy words exactly as they are in the book, use those words in our writing and say that we are the author of the book. Our friends had no problem understanding that this would be stealing an author's work.
Friends decided if they are going to borrow facts from books, then they had to summarize or 're word' the facts that they are interested in including in their reports. Many friends were also able to use different pictures and conventions shown in their books to develop their own facts to include in their reports. They used headings to separate the different ideas among the facts in their books and will complete a table of contents when they are finished drawing their conventions. We are super proud of their awesome effort and can't believe we are halfway through First Grade!

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