Sunday, February 27, 2011

Readers to Leaders!

Each nine weeks, the students at Chets Creek are awarded for the different goals they have met. A very important goal to meet is the Readers-to-Leaders goal, which is part of our million word campaign. By the second nine weeks, students had to have read 55 books in order to meet this goal! In our classroom, we log a book each day during Reader's Workshop. Students record the title, level, genre and whether they enjoyed the book or not.Friends are also required to read a book at home as part of their homework. Because our Principal is so awesome, she awarded the First Graders who met their reading goal in a very different way than previous years. This nine weeks we were invited to play Barnyard Bingo! The coolest thing about it was that EVERY single child in the room won the first round of bingo. When they yelled out "bingo!" they picked out a prize and took it back to their seat. Many of the prizes were books--and they even got a cool, new pencil! The next few rounds, some friends won again! It was so great to see how excited First Graders are about winning more books to read! Our friends who met this goal really enjoyed this day and even wrote Principal Phillips 'thank you' notes. :)
We'll be looking forward to seeing her *smooch* a pig next nine weeks!

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