Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thank You, 5th Grade Science!

Our friends had such a cool opportunity thanks to Mrs. Swidorsky's 5th Grade class. We've been studying living and nonliving things and have now moved into studying the life cycle. What a cool opportunity to get our minds going than to see the life cycle happening in a 5th Grade classroom!
Mrs. Swidorky's class had an incubator full of fertilized eggs. The incubator was about 100 degrees inside! Once the eggs hatched, baby chicks were born! We had the opportunity to view a chick hatching out of his shell over the WCCE telecast. When we went to visit the classroom, our students couldn't believe their eyes and had so many questions to ask.

We can't wait to really dive into our life cycle study and learn how people and different creatures grow and change!

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