Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beginning Sounds

We have been practicing beginning sounds in so many ways. Students loved working with a partner in this literacy activity. Students looked through magazines and tried to find things that began with a particular beginning sound. Not only did they love working with each other, they also helped other partners out. As they were working I heard a students say, "Who has the "g"? We found a picture of "gum" in our magazine and you could glue it on your paper if you want." There are so many fun ways to practice beginning sounds at home too! Choose a letter and then ask, "Can you think of any animals that start with that letter? any food items? any cartoon characters? any names of people that you know?" Another easy and fun way to practice this skill is when you are in the car, ask your child to think of something that makes the /a/ sound. Then you think of something that has the /b/ sound. Takes turns going back and forth and before you know it you'll be through the whole alphabet. A good goal to get to is if a child can quickly recall 6-7 words that begin with each sound. Ex: /b/-baby, bear, button, blue, brown, black, ball.

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