Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kindergarten Couldn't Be More Fun!!

We read the story, Harry the Dirty Dog. This story is about a white dog with black spots who goes around the neighborhood getting really, really dirty. This book sparked the idea for a fun, creative, and hands-on activity! I decided to make chocolate pudding with the kids. We each took turns with the different steps involved. Andrew and Jose were the photographers that actually took the pictures in the slideshow below. We made it into a cooking show, narrating each ingredient and step that we were doing. Once the pudding was mixed up real good, we put the cups of pudding into the fridge. When the pudding was ready, the students all got a large marshmallow and "painted" their white outlined "Harry the Dirty Dog" on paper. They decided just how dirty they wanted their "Harry" to get. The kids loved painting with marshmallows and pudding and they definitely were not complaining about getting to lick the rest from the cup, marshmallow, and their hands. I really don't know who had more fun...the kids or me. We later wrote a "step-by-step" piece of writing about the sequenced steps involved in making the pudding. Students drew and tried to label and/or sound out what happened in each step.
Making Pudding on PhotoPeach

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