Monday, October 3, 2011

Five Senses (Hearing & Seeing)

Last week we talked reviewed the different functions of each of the five senses. We discussed how people who are deaf and/or blind have to rely on their other senses to take in information. We discussed sign language, lip reading, hearing aids, braille, seeing eye dogs, and walking sticks. Students closed their eyes and were guided by their fifth grade buddies outside on the playground. Students had to rely on their fifth grade guide's directions to find their way around the playground. Students also had to listen to the sounds of their walking stick to help identify objects that were in their way or closely approaching. As for the hearing experiment, students had several plastic eggs with different items in each. Students had a list of the possible items and had to try to identify which item was in each egg. Fifth graders were allowed to help guide their answers by asking them questions such as: "Does it sound like a heavy item? If so, then could it really be a cotton ball?" Although students did not get each answer correct, the purpose was for them to understand how different items sound and to ask questions during the process. Both of these activities were a real "hands-on" way for students to gain more understanding of how much we rely on our senses!
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