Monday, October 3, 2011

Reading and Writing Resources

Students are encouraged to use different resources around the room and at their seats to help them with their reading and writing. Students use the word wall at the front of the classroom that has sight words on it. They also use the alphabet strip posted at the front of the classroom to help them identify letters and sounds. At each table and in each child's writing folder, students have their own alphabet resource sheet and a sheet that has blends and digraphs (two or three letters together that can make one sound, EX: bl, gr, sh, th). Lastly, students are encouraged to reference our letter combination chart (two letters that are in the middle of a word that make one sound, EX: oi (like in the word coin), or ow (like in the word flower) to include these sounds into their writing and identify the sound when they get to a word they aren't sure how to read.


  1. Loving the blog, especially the pictures and videos. (BTW this is Madeline's Mom, Kristy. I'm new to wordpress and don't know how to make "kristyriley" show up as my username...)