Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!

I think one of my favorite parts of my job is being able to teach students lessons that go beyond their Kindergarten year. Today is Earth Day and to be truthful, not too many people (adults and kids) knew that! However, my students did because we recognized and celebrated it by creating costumes and props out of recycled materials. Students were encouraged to dress as their very own recycled superhero. We have been reading books about taking care of our environment by not littering, not being wasteful, recycling and much more. Not only did the students have a great time dressing up and seeing everyone's creative outfits, they also really grasped the concept that they can teach other people to help take care of our earth. In writing we are working on persuasive writing and students have been writing letters to different people about different problems that they see or have. Today students were asked to write about a problem that they cared about in our environment and how they could help to change it. This was their best writing yet! Students wrote about not littering, saving electricity, riding bikes or walking instead of driving cars to school, not polluting the waters and taking care of sea life, and not being wasteful. If someone asked them why they were dressed like they were today, I explained that it was their job to tell that person that they were a recycled superhero and they wanted to tell others to take care of the earth! I am so proud of them and hope that they will continue to care about the earth and many other causes!

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