Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Science Buddies!

We were so excited to visit our fifth grade science buddies today and learn all about the life cycle of a chicken. The fifth graders took our kindergartners through six different stations that all enhanced their understanding of the life cycle of a chicken. The students saw real unfertilized eggs in the hen house and they saw real fertilized eggs in the incubator. They saw a baby chick moving inside the egg (through candling). Our kindergartners were able to learn about baby chicks and also be able to touch and hold them. They learned about the different parts of the egg. They also saw and learned about the hens and roosters. The fifth graders did an AMAZING job at keeping our students' attention and teaching them about each stage of life. We are so appreciative of Mrs. Szerba and her students for taking the time to share and teach us about this incredible life cycle. We are eagerly awaiting until the newest baby chicks arrive! Our little scientists came back to the classroom and shared their observations with each other. They drew a representation of the life cycle of a chicken. Some students even included labels, just like we are learning about and recognizing in informational text in reading.

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